Sunday, March 26, 2006

Education in Bihar

Something there in bihar air....even after so much plagiarism and corruption we have a solid educational ground for our talents to nurture and develop and finally romp the world. But for the lack of engineering and other professional colleges we are still trailing behind even on india scene, leave the world scene.

A good number of english medium schools are there but localised mostly to patna which makes it difficult for rural talents to come up in today's competitive world.

As for engineering colleges we have only a handful and that too most of them used to take more than 4 years to complete the course with little (nearly none) scope for placements.

We have some medical colleges such as PMCH,NMCH and others (see the list) but again they too are in a state of shambles as is our state.

I dont blame one person or one party for this state of ruins where Bihar lies today for all the biharis (including me) are responsible. The only hope for bihar is to get the wave of industrialisation or tap up the IT wave somehow.

But as such we the cowards stand outside Bihar and watch it being ruined , there lies little for all the hopes which all of us desire so much!

A good site for educational institutes and related information is :


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